Collect & Return

Pick Up & Drop Off

We'll pick up your Computer, repair it in our Lab and return it back to you. Free service for North London!


We have 25 years experience on Computer Repairs and we are Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA Certified

Collect & Return Services

Choosing our “Collect & Return” Service, we will  collect your computer from your place, diagnose the problem,  repair it in our Lab and return it back to you.   The Fixed Fee for all our in Lab and Onsite  repairs is £60.00 plus parts and the cost for both Collection & Delivery of your computer is £12.00. Below are some of our services but not all of them. Please feel free to contact as for any Computer Repair Request you may have.  

Motherboard & Processor Replacement

Graphics Card Replacement

System  Memory Upgrade

HDD Upgrade or Replacement

Power Supply Replacement

New Device Installation

Move Device to a New Place 

Screen Replacement

Screen Inverter Replacement

Keyboard Replacement

Optical Drive Replacement

System  Memory Upgrade

Drive (HDD/SSD) Installation

Power Supply Replacement 

Fault Diagnosis

Computer Tune Up

Laptop & Desktop Internal Cleaning

Microsoft Windows


Ubuntu & Linux Mint

Antivirus Installation

Virus & Malware Removal

Ransomware Protection

Files Backup & Restore

Data Transfer from Faulty Drive

Data Recovery from Accidental Deletion

Exact Copy of one Drive to another

Files & System Auto-Backup Configuration

Creation and Configuration of Email Account

Creation and Configuration of Social Media Account

New Router Installation and Configuration

Internet Connection Problems

WiFi Configuration and Security

Small Network Implementation

Network Printing

New Computer Connection to the Network 

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Book a Technician

Book a Technician for Repair @Home or Collection of your Computer. 


  1. Collect & Return
    This is only a Collection & Delivery Service. The driver is not a technician and he will not disconnect or connect your computer during collection or delivery.
    If you need a technician to help you connect or disconnect your computer, the cost for it is £15.00
  2. The Fixed Fee for all in Lab Repairs is £30.00 
    If for any reason -on your side – the Repair cannot be completed, that’s the amount that you will pay. 
  3. The Computer cannot be repaired at all
    If  the computer cannot be repaired at all , then we’ll return it back to you at no additional cost