Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows Installation

Microsoft Windows Installation

Microsoft Windows Installation and Configuration can be and it usually is a time consuming and complicated task. Microsoft Windows is the base on which all your favorite programs reside and it's essential to be installed and configured correctly by a professional.

Inserting the DVD and following instructions will eventually install Microsoft Windows but after that, what?

Microsoft Windows Installation doesn't finish when the installation assistant is complete. After the installation, the Operating System must be configured.

That means:

  1. We have to install device drivers so that your devices (printers, web cams etc.) are functioning correctly
  2. Install the Microsoft Windows Updates so that you have the latest version of the Operating System installed plus the latest security patches, fixes etc.
  3. Install basic programs such as Java, Flash Player, Web Browsers (such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  4. Install Media Players so that you can watch videos, movies and hear music
  5. Configure Microsoft Windows Defender or Install an antivirus software
  6. Connect you to the Internet
  7. Setup your email client and Social Media
  8. Configure the Backup of your files and many more other things
Microsoft Windows Installation Options
Repair @Home - Basic Config
Hard Drive Health Test
Basic Config OS Installation
Drivers and Updates Installation
One e-mail address Configuration
One Device Installation (Printer, Scanner, Multi-function Machine, Web Cam etc.)
Advanced Config
Backup and Restore of your files
Software installation (it has to be legal)
Device installation
Repair @Lab - Basic Config
Hard Drive Health Test
OS Installation and Configuration
Drivers and Updates Installation
Basic Utilities Installation
Collect & Return Service: We can Collect your Computer from your place, repair it in our Lab and Return it back to you
Backup and Restore of your files
Software Installation (it has to be legal)
Windows Advanced Config
Basic Config, Plus:
Advanced Utilities and Software Installation of:
Office Platform
Adobe Reader
Java, Flash Player
Media Players and Codecs
Configuration of Shadow Copies
Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger
iTunes & iCloud
Google Drive
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